(Customer Proclaimed) *BEST HONEY FOR ALLERGIES

This Pure Tree Pollen honey is MUCH, MUCH darker than our original TRH and you can taste the difference. Our beekeeper says it contains Jiniper,Mountain Cedar, Mulberry, Oak and Ash pollens. It is a MULTI TREE-POLLEN HONEY...MORE FLAVOR and OUR CUSTOMERS', BY EMAILS SAY IT HAS DARN GOOD ALLERGY BENEFITS. Some folks like a full bodied nectar honey with all the complex flavors a good superior quality honey should have. Most dark honeys are a tad bitter,this years extraction is as sweet as can be and not a bit bitter. It does have a slight Sorgrum finish which is normal for Very Dark honey of this nature, but this is pure Local Tree Pollen Honey from local bees....Not sugar cane. We love it and hope you will too! That store bought stuff can't even come close to this and never will. (2 Bottles) Only $24.00 (VERY LIMITED).

(Customer Proclaimed) *BEST HONEY FOR ALLERGIES
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