Natural Texas Bee Pollen*The Super Food

People ask how old our Bee Pollen is. The beekeeper says it is never more than 60 days or so. For long term put in freezer and for everyday use store in fridge.Bee Pollen varies in color and taste, depending upon the source of the Pollen itself, and will have unique variations according to the season and location it was harvested. Colors might vary from blue to orange, yellow/green and brown. The general flavor can be sweet for some, or bitter for others. Before beginning to add bee pollen to your daily diet, it is very important to test for the possibility of allergic reaction, to be on the safe side, since it is known that certain individuals are sensitive to bee products. There are many good web sites on the internet for information on "Bee Pollen Health Benefits". Take the time to adjust to this super food! Start by ingesting just one or two pellets on the first day. Then gradually build up over a week or so to an amount of about 1/4 of a teaspoon. If no reactions are noted, you can gradually adjust your intake over the next week to a full teaspoonful. The maximum amount of bee pollen per day suggested, is 1 teaspoon daily, typically one teaspoon per day is the basic recommended amount. Remember to never cook the granules or add bee pollen to foods that will be heated. Heat destroys the live enzymes and reduces the nutrient value. Only $35.00 for (2) 8.oz Hive Bottles.  ENJOY BEING HEALTHY!

Natural Texas Bee Pollen*The Super Food
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