ORIGINAL TEXAS RANGE HONEY™ "Best Seller Nationwide"

Spring harvest Wildflower has arrived...Our Texas Range Honey is "One of a Kind" This is THE Texas Range Honey™ that you have heard about. All natural, never heated, blended or filtered raw Wildflower honey. The honey is harvested from hives on remote Texas Ranches, then off to the honey house, and into our Texas Range glass bottles. Nobody touches our honey except the beekeeper. Open Range means all hives are at least 1000 yards from any main County Roads or places  that have any human contact.(out in the sticks) TEXAS Wildflower pollens make all the difference in the World when it comes to perfect honey flavor with superior health benefits. One of our secrets is the word REMOTE. This is what gives Range Honey™ its unique TEXAS taste, texture and beautiful color. The further the hives are from Human Environmental Impact" the better. "FROM DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS RANCHES TO YOU". Stop in if ya can for a taste. Standard order (2 one pound) bottles only $18.95 ENJOY! * Click on the enlarge photo, it takes a sec but it's beautiful!

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