Orange Blossom Honey Hill Country Mesquite (Customer Proclaimed) *BEST HONEY FOR ALLERGIES
Orange Blossom HoneyHill Country Mesquite(Customer Proclaimed) *BEST HONEY FOR ALLERGIES

First harvest Orange Blossom Honey is nothing like you would ever expect. Super sweet and tart... the wonderful orange zesty finish is no extra charge.

Sweet Mesquite Honey! Light tasting beautiful color and fresh from the Texas Hill Country. Y'all will love this honey!

This is the dark Tree honey your grandfather probably talked about. Our local customers simply love it. Fantastic in teas and coffee and "Holy Moly" try it on a warm waffle with budder. (2 Bottles) Only $25.00

Light Amber Wildflower Honey
Light Amber Wildflower Honey

Light Amber Wildflower Honey (Very Limited) A super delicious Lighter choice. (Standard Order 2 Bottles) only $18.00