TEXICAN Homemade Pepper Sauce*READY NOW

The Bandera TEXICAN Story...These are the kind of people we love to work with...Clay and Diane Conoly began producing, bottling and labeling their own unique chilipitin sauce which they awarded the TEXICAN name. They changed the Mexican version just a tad, to make it a little hotter. Using the rich pepper stock created a very special flavor. Add fresh roasted tomatoes from their garden makes TEXICAN come to life. The Secret and what makes this sauce so unique is the little PEQUIN peppers they use, known as the "Rite of Passage" pepper. Gentle with a bite, but not too hot, "Clean Smooth Smokey Flavor" Mandatory on Pinto Beans, Chili, Pulled Pork, Beef or Chicken, and OMG on Eggs, Tacos and Soups. *Try this stuff in your Bloody Mary next time round... WOW! Toss the Tabasco...It's TEXICAN TIME! Only $16.00 *Includes 2 Red Pequin and a Free Texas Flag Bandana! THIS REALLY IS THE TRUE TASTE OF TEXAS! *Click photo to see the actual Pequin Peppers.

TEXICAN Homemade Pepper Sauce*READY NOW
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