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•Recent Harvest Light Amber Honey Now Available•

16oz. Of Honey Requires 1,152 Texas Bees To Travel 112,000 Miles & Visit 4.5 Million Flowers

*You Can Get Texas Range Honey At: Brookshire's Celina, Anna, Pottsboro & Farmersville

Also D&L Feed Stores, And Family Health in Frisco

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    (Customer Proclaimed) *BEST HONEY FOR ALLERGIES Honest Raw Cinnamon TEXAS Comb Rounds
    (Customer Proclaimed) *BEST HONEY FOR ALLERGIESHonest Raw Cinnamon TEXAS Comb Rounds

    This is the dark Tree honey your grandfather probably talked about. Our local customers simply love it. Fantastic in teas and coffee and "Holy Moly" try it on a warm waffle with budder. (2 Bottles) Only $25.00

    HONEST RAW CINNAMON HONEY is direct from our Beekeeper. Handmade to order excluslively for TRH. Standard order (2) 22oz. bottles only $24.00

    TEXAS 8oz. piece of honeycomb is built into the container by the bees! All we do is snap a clear lid on the top and on the bottom, then send it to you! This is as natural and as pure as it gets! A great old fashion treat! Extremely Limited.

    Cinnamon Creamed Honey ORIGINAL TEXAS RANGE HONEY™ "Best Seller Nationwide" 1800's Style Honey•100% Pure & Natural
    Cinnamon Creamed HoneyORIGINAL TEXAS RANGE HONEY™ "Best Seller Nationwide" 1800's Style Honey•100% Pure & Natural

    Texas Range Cinnamon Creamed Honey Is Back! Wonderful local wildflower honey perfectly blended with imported finely ground cinnamon.

    Original Texas Range Honey™. Folks come in all the time who have never tasted "REAL NATURAL" Not From the Supermarket PURE Texas Honey. Spring Harvest is ready to go! Standard order (2) bottles only $18.95 ENJOY!

    1800's Style"VERY RAW" Whole-Comb Wildflower Honey at its best.(2-16oz.Glass Bottles)only $22.00. Enjoy!

    Light Amber Wildflower Honey Hill Country Mesquite
    Light Amber Wildflower HoneyHill Country Mesquite

    Light Amber Wildflower Honey (Very Limited) A super delicious Lighter choice. (Standard Order 2 Bottles) only $18.00


    Sweet Mesquite Honey! Light tasting beautiful color and fresh from the Texas Hill Country. Y'all will love this honey!